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The 5ForFREE Opportunity is also – The Perfect Affiliate Program

5ForFREE is a FREE Marketing Consultant Company
where you earn money while learning to market.


NOTE: If you become a client and if you NEVER buy a product from us you can still build your list for free and we Will Still Pay YOU to build your list. There is no incentive to ever buy a product. You will be paid reguardless. This is NOT an MLM opportunity. This is a REAL list building business that you can market to!


This business was designed so everyone from almost anywhere can build a huge marketable list to make money with both now and for the future. Plus there is zero cost and zero risk because it is 100% free, there are No Paid Memberships. So your job is to tell as many people as possible to go get their free $5 and through our system, you will be able to contact your first level members about anything you like.

5ForFree is a “2 pass up” system where the very first 2 members you bring in get passed up and then you will be paid for every member you bring in, 3 levels deep. More on that in a minute.

That means that you are paid for every member you bring in to get their free $5.00 on your first level and when they bring in people you get paid for them too. And when they bring in people you get paid too!

Remember even if you are not interested in making money as an affiliate you STILL get the tools for free and you get the same SUPER LOW PRICES for our leads, eBooks, software and email services.


 There are 7 different ways to earn free money at 5ForFree as an affiliate

 You make: 

  1. $5.00 just for signing up for free

  2. $0.25 on your first level for those that you personally sponsor

  3. $0.10 on your second level for the members your 1st level bring in

  4. $0.15 on your third level for the members your second level bring in

  5. 25% Commissions on any optional product purchase from 1st level members

  6. 10% Commissions on any optional product purchase from second level members

  7. 15% Commissions on any optional product purchase from 3rd level members

Remember, these are all free to join members; there are No Paid Memberships in 5ForFree.

This is a Global Opportunity where anyone from anywhere that the United States is allowed to do business with can make Great Money as a 100% Free Member.


So now you know that it is completely free to join and that we actually pay you to build a large contact list. And you know that we use a “2 pass up” system where you pass up the first 2 members that you bring in.


Occasionally we will offer optional well researched and well tested products that you can make great commissions from whether you get them yourself or not!


Now there is a completely Optional Product that we offer called the “Money Plug-in” that will multiply both your income and contact list over and over again without you doing anything.


The Money Plug-in is simple and it works like this:

If you get the Money Plug-in, instead of your personally sponsored members passing up their first 2 members to the company, they pass them to you! This is after you pass up your first 2 members which everyone must do whether they have the Money Plug-in or not.


So if you have the Money Plug-in, after you pass up your first 2 members, everyone you sponsor after that must pass up their first 2 members to you.


For example if you got the Money Plug-in and have 20 people that you have personally sponsored in your first level (after passing up the first 2) you would earn $5.00 for those 20 members with or without the Money Plug-in. 


With the Money Plug-in, if you sponsored nobody else, after those 20 people pass up their first 2 members to you, you will have 60 people on your first level instead of 20 earning $15.00, but it doesn’t stop there. Think about it. Now you have 60 members on your first level and since you have the Money Plug-in, they will all have to pass up their first 2 members to YOU, giving you 120 members, and then 240, 480 etc.


Remember in this example you only brought in 20 people yourself!


Remember these are not paid members but Free to Join members making $5.00 to just sign up….20 Free Members will be easy!


Now here’s the best news of all. The Optional Money Plug-in costs just $10 per month (plus $2.97 for merchant and processing charges) and it pays you residual income on all 3 levels as described above.


This is monthly residual income that can easily grow to the Thousands per Month in a very short time.


We will also have completely free, both live and recorded video workshops on maintaining a contact list, advertising and a lot more along with a list of the Best and Worst advertising methods for beginners and experts alike.


So now you know that 5ForFree is:


  • Where you get paid for building a contact list of unlimited size
  • A 100% Free opportunity
  • Where you get paid in 7 different ways Completely Free
  • Where you can contact your 1st level members anytime about most anything
  • Where you can More than TRIPLE your Income and List with The Money Plug-in
  • Where you can learn how to maintain “A Money Making List and Earn Money from your list over and over again.
  • Where if you have never made any money on the Internet before, you will in 30 seconds or less (unless you type slowly).


Start making money just by becoming a Free Member!